Christina Silveira

Naturally a Goddess was organic in the making. I started out with my love for doTERRA essential oils and I saw the amazing benefit they had on myself and my family. At the time I was also reacting to anything and everything I was putting on my skin that I had had enough! I did some research, I took some courses and created a line of products that are safe, 100 percent natural, and doTERRA essential oils are the only aroma used in my product line. The use of colourants, natural or otherwise, are not used as well to keep with the natural feeling of the line. Any product that has an altered colour is due to the ingredients in the product, for example activated charcoal or the essential oils. I am committed to bringing you a completely safe and natural product that you feel good about using on yourself and your family. I continue to educate myself and take courses and classes in order to ensure I am bringing you the best quality product out there. Bottom line, if I would not use it on my family and kids I would not be selling it to you!

Customer ReviewS


Love everything about this company! The products are fresh, healthy & environmentally responsible. The service is even better!!! Truly a company with integrity.


These products are fan-freaking-tastic!!! I've used the soap bars, lip balm, mud mask, lemongrass moisturizer, bath bombs, deodorant, diaper cream and body balm and I've loved them ALL!! And the best part is knowing that I'm reducing the toxic load in our home by using the highest quality ingredients for myself and my family. Thank you so much for pouring so much love and passion into your products, Christina!!!


The lavender soap, spearmint lip balm and hand creams (Calendula & Lavender) are all excellent. The products are all natural and smell divine. The owner is knowledgeable about essential oils and answered my questions promptly. I will be purchasing again from Naturally a Goddess.