Sacred Self-Care


We’ve all heard of self-care and how important it is. But do we really take the time to ensure we are getting the appropriate amount of self-care into our day to day lives?

As a mom of two small children, I often forget about myself. I’m always worrying about their needs, the needs of the home, making sure I leave space for my husband and running a business.

About a month ago I came crashing down and I got sick. Now, since I’ve started using the oils, I hardly ever get sick. This was the first time in almost a year…and I got hit hard. Why? Because I forgot about ME. I forgot about what I NEEDED. I forgot about how sacred the self-care time is each and every day so I DON’T get burnt out and crash. 

This weekend I had the amazing opportunity to attend a Rise Up to Diamond event at Niagara on the Lake. It was such a powerful and motivating weekend. It was what I needed for myself and for my business. I missed my family so much (I hate being away from them!) but I knew this is what I needed to fill my cup on the business side of my life. As I sit here and reflect back on my weekend and the inspirational speakers we had the opportunity to listen to, I have taken away so much. But the one thing that truly stuck out to me was how much I have been slacking on my self-care. I literally stopped doing it. It didn’t even happen once a week. So as I started my morning meditation today, I set the intention that I am going to start taking care of me again. 

Every day, I am going to carve out 20 minutes for me. Why? Because I am worth it. I am worth the me time. I am worth feeling amazing. I am worth feeling like I have control over my life. I am worth everything. And by taking this time to look after me, I will value and appreciate what happens in my day. When we forget to take care of ourselves, we let ourselves slip into this state of chaos. In this state is where we begin to feel anxiety, depression, scared, like we are losing control. This is the state that I am currently in. I have removed myself so far from taking care of myself that I’ve allowed everything I’ve worked so hard to remove from my life, to creep back in. And I refuse to go back to a previous state of self that allowed myself to be swallowed by my fears and anxiety. 

Self-care is a priority and a necessity – not a luxury – in all that we do.

At the end of our weekend, the absolutely amazing Dawna Toews lead us in an activity. We had to pair up with someone (we were all doTERRA educators) and number ourselves 1 or 2. The 1’s had to form the inner circle and the 2’s formed the outer circle. Everyone had to close their eyes, put their hands over their heart and think of a word or phrase that we were going to repeat to ourselves each and every day to keep us motivated and empowered. What we didn’t know, was what happened next. The 1’s had to keep their eyes closed with their hands over their heart while the 2’s went around and whispered these powerful words or phrases into the ear of each and every person in the room. Within minutes, every single person was crying. Every single person was touched by those words. Every single person was struck by something someone had said to them because it hit home for them. It hit a nerve. When it came time for the 1’s and the 2’s to switch places, the same powerful feelings were continuing to be felt. I was choking up speaking my phrase into the ears of my friends. 

I share this with you because this moment of the entire weekend, made me realize that I wasn’t being kind to myself. I wasn’t using nice language with myself. I wasn’t speaking to myself with kindness like I speak to others with. I wasn’t being the mother and wife I wanted to be because I wasn’t looking after me. Every single person was allowing themselves to be vulnerable and be reminded that we are worth it. Even though we feel guilty when we take that time for ourselves and we have a million other things that we need to accomplish in a day…we need to ENSURE we are taking care of US. Without that, we are drifting through life. 

So I made the conscious decision to make a change starting today. Every day I am going to wake up half an hour before the kids and:
~ Set my intention for the day and say one positive thing about myself
~ Do a quick morning meditation (even if the kids need to do it with me)
~ Do my statements of desire & manifestations
~ I am going to get rid of any limiting beliefs that creep into my mind
~ With my kids, we are going to do a quick yoga routine 
~ We are going to eat breakfast as a family 
~ We are going to get out and go for a walk

In the evening, I am going to:
~ Have dinner as a family
~ Play games, dance, be silly with my kids before bed
~ Do a quick meditation before bed with the kids
~ Read a book and write in my gratitude journal

Once a week I am going to take a relaxing bath with my tub tea and essential oils and play whatever music I’m in the mood for. 

Once a month I am going to take a CEO day and get a massage, take myself out for a coffee, take a walk by myself or do whatever else I feel I need to do in that day. 

And I will ensure these important parts of my self-are are SCHEDULED into my week, because if they are not, then they won’t get done. That, my friends, is the truth. 

I encourage each of you to make sure you are taking care of YOU every single day. That you are putting YOU first. And that you find yourself as a PRIORITY. Because you are worth it and you deserve to shine bright like a diamond.


Much love,

Christina xoxoxo


I would love to hear how you incorporate self-care into your day, week and month!

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