Check out the wholesale, retail and cost per drop of all of doTERRA’s single essential oils and essential oil blends. It’s clear why using doTERRA Essential Oils is a cost effective way to replace a lot of your household products!


I often hear from individuals that ‘doTERRA is too expensive’ or ‘why would I purchase doTERRA when I can purchase x brand from x store?’ or ‘that’s a big investment – I’m not willing to spend that much on oils’. 

In this post, I am going to address the ‘doTERRA is too expensive’ comments. I want you to think about this scenario for a moment. How many of you purchase lemons to put into your water every day? How many of you purchase organic lemons? Do you notice how quickly you go through that bag of lemons and how often you are having to repurchase them? If you add up all the lemons you purchase in a year for the sole purpose of adding them to your water, it amounts to be a pretty hefty price tag. 

Now take doTERRA’s lemon essential oil. Not only is the oil extracted from the rind of the fruit, you are getting a better quality lemon and you are not getting the acidity that comes with ingesting an actual lemon. You are also only paying 5 cents (Canadian) per drop of Lemon essential oil. Now that is being cost effective!! One bottle of Lemon essential oil contains 250 drops. For argument sake, lets say you use your bottle of lemon for the sole purpose of using it in one glass of water daily (but there are so many other ways to use this amazing oil too!), one bottle would last you nearly a year!! Can your store bought lemons do that? Not even close! 

So when it’s broken down…is doTERRA really that expensive?? Your answer is, NO!! You’re actually saving money!


doTERRA has three different sized bottles that you can purchase oils in. Each of these bottles contains varying amount of drops of essential oils. 

5 ml = 83 drops
10 ml = 167 drops
15 ml = 250 drops 

The following chart breaks down each of doTERRA’s essential oils into the cost per drop, for the various oils available for purchase. It demonstrates the cost per drop when purchasing retail and wholesale, for both Canada and the US.

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